Cat litters

LLC Leading is a leader in sales of bentonite cat litters in Russia* and is in the TOP-5 rating of all the companies at the cat litter market in the Russian Federation.** Our products are environmentally friendly and safe, made of bentonite clay, high-tech silica gel and softwood.

* Calculations of LLC Leading are partially based on data provided by Nielsen reports on Retail Measurement Service (Retail Audit), year 2014, relative to clumping cat litters (except private brands) presented at the market of the Russian Federation. Valid for December 03 2015 (© 2015, LLC A.C.NIELSEN).
** Calculations of LLC Leading are based on data provided by Nielsen reports on Retail Measurement Service (Retail Audit), year 2015, relative to cat litters presented at the market of the Russian Federation.

How to choose the right cat litter

LLC Leading manufactures litters which go to market under the following brand names:

  • Kotoff. Super premium cat and kitty litter developed on the base of the innovative technology “Mix Product”. It has perfectly balanced qualities: quick absorbing, odor eliminating and clumping power.
  • Pi-Pi-Bent. Eco-friendly litter made of bentonite clay extracted from ancient deposits in Siberia. Its unique properties make your cat’s toilet clean and make your cat or kitten feel more like they are going in a natural habitat.
  • Kotyara. A universal range of high-quality products for cat litter boxes made of silica gel and bentonite.
  • CC-Cat. Best choice for cats fastidious about litter, as well as for fastidious and economical owners. Bentonite, silica gel or wood litters will guarantee perfect hygiene for your cat and your house.
  • Professional. Economical and easy to use, with the perfect combination of price/quality. Clumping litter is a natural product made from natural bentonite clay. Wood litter is made from 100% pure softwood.

Reasons to choose our products

Every year, all products manufactured by our company undergo voluntary environmental performance certification. Quality control experts confirm that our litters do not contain any components dangerous to humans, animals and environment.

The priorities of LLC Leading are modern technology and professional approach. Our product range has high quality characteristics and the company becomes a laureate and winner of the “100 best products of Russia” contest every year.

Where to buy our products?

Our cat litters can be bought wholesale from the manufacturer for retail outlets or can be bought retail in almost every pet store or hypermarket in Moscow and across Russia, as well as in retail chains of the CIS countries (Kazakhstan and Belarus). You can choose the best option for can litter boxes which will be inviting for pets of every character and age.

Our advantages
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Choosing the best cat litter
Every cat owner faces the problem of choosing cat litter box filler - whether to choose wood or absorbent mineral litter, silica gel or clumping litter. Each type should meet a number of specifications: be natural and inviting to your pet, economical in use, safe, eliminating cat litter odor quickly and absorbing well, be easy to use and cheap, etc
It would take quite a lot of time to study characteristics of every litter type, to search for a litter type that would satisfy all your expectations by a hit or miss process so making your cat adjust to a new litter over and over again.
We suggest speeding up this process – just take 10 minutes to watch this video and find out which cat litter has more advantages and is sure to satisfy your pet!
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