Quality Guarantees

International certificates
ISO 9001: 2015 and IQNet
At the enterprise LLC Glinopererabotka, a quality management system 
according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard has been introduced.

Voluntary certification

Cat litters in accord with the Russian Federation legislature are not subject to mandatory certification. Despite this, the cat litters Pi-Pi Bent®, Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe, Little Friends, Kotjara and SiSiCat annually undergo voluntary certification to ensure their safety and high quality.





Ecological certification

Fillers Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe, Pi-Pi Bent®, Little Friends®, Kotjara and SiSiCat have passed environmental certification, confirming the absence of harmful substances in their composition that are harmful to human and animal health and have a detrimental effect on the environment. International prize «World Branding Awards. Animalis»

The Pi-Pi Bent® brand is a three-time holder of the Brand of the Year title, 
the prestigious international World Branding Awards in the Cat Toilet Fillers 
category in 2017-2022. according to the world organization World Branding Forum.

Program "100 Best Products of Russia"

Since 2005, Liding® LLC cat fillers have been participating
in the “100 Best Products of Russia” competition and each year they become laureates and diploma winners.
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2013 year

2013 дипломант Pi-Pi-Bent  2013 Дипломант Котяра 

2013 Лауреат СиСиКэт  2013 Новинка СиСиКэт

2012 year 

2012 дипломант Pi-Pi-Bent  2012 лауреат Котяра

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2009 Дипломант Pi-Pi-Bent 

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2008 Лауреат Pi-Pi-Bent  
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