Cat litters are produced at LLC Glinopererabotka which is a part of the corporate group “Bentonite”. The main raw material base for producing clumping litters is Russian and foreign deposits of high-quality bentonite clay in Siberia, the Urals, Voronezh region and in Azerbaijan.

The factory occupies the territory of more than 83,000 sq m and has all necessary communications, high-tech facilities and equipment, internal railway tracks adjoining the Russian Railways which provide product shipment to the most remote areas of the country.

The production process of bentonite cat litters at LLC Glinopererabotka is the complete production cycle. At present, the production capacity of the line allows to produce up to 35,000 tons of litter a year.


To become a finished product, raw materials used in the production process go through several stages monitored from the central control panel:

  • preparation for drying raw materials; clay with the help of a grab crane is transported to a loading box where it undergoes plastic mechanical treatment;
  • drying;
  • crushing shaped and dried clay;
  • sieving ready pellets into types;
  • transporting pellets by the conveyor system to storage tanks and to the packaging line;
  • packing pellets into big and small packs;
  • storage of finished products at a warehouse with storage capacity up to 2,000 tons;
  • shipment of finished products by rail and road.

All raw materials undergo strict quality control by the factory’s accredited laboratory which monitors quality of every processing operation and input and output control of all source raw materials and finished products. Each batch of raw materials must undergo complete input control.

Samples are taken of finished products which then undergo testing to ensure compliance with the following parameters:

  • moisture;
  • clump parameters, shape factor, durable clump strength, clump weight;
  • dust producing.

Producing cat litters at LLC Glinopererabotka they use dust suppression technology to make finished litters dust-free or dust-reduced. Through the process of clay drying and particle shaping natural and physical characteristics of clay are improved.

Bentonite clay is a specific material: it is a rock-formed clay composed mainly of montmorillonite with a layer-lattice structure (three sheets of tetrahedral silicon crystals). Thanks to it, bentonite-containing cat litter absorbs moisture well.

At the factory’s laboratory they develop new products using a structured approach which takes account of pet characteristics. So, to eliminate strong odors they developed an innovative technology of producing cat litter using active ingredients and encapsulated flavors that enhance the clay property of absorbing liquidwastes and neutralizing malodors.