Trading house

In 2004 within the corporate group "Bentonite"  which includes factories extracting and processing bentonite from Russian and foreign deposits, was launched a project called "Leading®" which aim was to implement and promote high-quality clumping cat litters composed of natural eco-friendly bentonite.

On January 20, 2006 the project became an independent legal entity LLC Leading®. The production base of LLC Leading is LLC Glinopererabotka located in the town of Bryansk which has the complete production cycle.

LLC Leading®: Product Portfolio

Versatile product portfolio policy is one of the success factors of LLC Leading®. Its product portfolio has various types of cat litters of different characteristics. A wide selection of products allows customers to choose suitable litters for their pets: clumping cat litters, including ones with special properties, or absorbing litters - wood and silica gel.

The product portfolio of LLC Leading® is diverse and includes products of different prices: Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe is a super-premium category, Pi-Pi Bent® and Little Friends® is a premium category, Kotyara is a middle class category and SiSiCat is an economy class category. It is very convenient for consumers with different income levels.

Product distribution

Today LLC Leading® has a developed distribution network that covers all regions of Russia and the CIS countries; it provides favorable conditions for distributors and partners and competitive prices, it organizes product and sales promotion.

The cat litters Pi-Pi Bent® Deluxe, Pi-Pi Bent®, Kotyara and Little Friends®, SiSiCat can be easily found in many stores in big cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and many others, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Our aim is to enhance outlet coverage in every region so as to increase conveniencefor our customers. They can buy products that they like in specialized pet stores, hypermarkets, national and regional retail chains.

Private label

The success of LLC Leading® at the market, its experience and potential allow it to produce high-end branded products and private label products for retail chains. The company actively uses Private Label and co-branding todevelop high-endproducts for leading manufacturers and national retail chains. It is a good proof of really high quality products manufactured by LLC Leading® which is rated high by consumers and competitors.

The company’s products have been delivered to Western Europe and Scandinavia for packaging premium category litters. Cat litters produced by LLC Leading® gain deserved approval by Russian and foreign professionals and cat owners.

Collaboration with cat breeding kennels and clubs

Cooperation with cat breeding kennels and clubs plays a significant role in the company’s businessdevelopment. This is a special category of consumers and for them we have a special offer of purchasing cat litters on favorable terms, large packaging included. In many towns and cities we have established close relations with breeding kennels which help us to promote among cat breeders litters produced by LLC Leading®.

Brand promotion

In all cities we regularly organize advertising campaigns involving mass media to promote our brands. Each distribution company, cooperating with LLC Leading® is provided with a set of POS-materials.

Our regional managers, in addition to developing the cat litter sales market, are involved in promoting products of LLC Leading® at cat shows where our company is a regular sponsor. The company’s representatives in different regions also conduct training sessions for representatives of the zoo-product retail trade.

Participation in shows

LLC Leading® annually participates in specialized international shows of pet products and services. It is high quality of the company’s products which makes it get awards of winners and laureates of the prestigious national contest "100 best products of Russia" in which the company participates every year.

The motto of LLC Leading® is “Best cat litters – that is the job we do!” and so it is responsible for building honest relationships with its partners.

LLC Leading® is a public company, and we are proud to have friendly and trust relationships with our partners.

After all, we all have common creative goals and a positive vision of our future.
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