Wood cat litter

Wood cat litter

Cost-effective and easy-to-use cat litter for professional breeders. Made from 100% natural softwood.

Main advantages:

  • made from 100% natural softwood;
  • no wood bark;
  • natural pine scent;
  • absorbs much liquid;
  • eliminates malodor;
  • no chemicals and additives;
  • non-sticking, no dust;
  • eco-friendly.
25 l


Packaging options15 l
Granule size-
Litter typewood
How litter works when wetinstantaneous fluid absorption
Odor eliminationhigh
Economic in usemedium
Required layer in the litter boxno less than 3 cm 
Litter box tipsremove waste

Litter Box Tips

  1. Select a deep box as wood pellets absorb 3 times as much liquid as the pellet's size.
  2. Spread about a 3 cm layer of litter in the dry box.
  3. Scoop out clumps and solid wastesregularly for a reallyclean box.
  4. Completely replace this litter approximately once every week. Its liquid absorbing and odor eliminating power decreases with time. 
  5. Before spreading fresh wood litter the litter box should be disinfected. 
  6. Use a garbage bag to dispose of the used wood litter – bag the litter and throw it into the garbage can.