Wood cat litters

Cost-effective and easy-to-use cat litter for professional breeders. Made from 100% natural softwood.

Main advantages:

  • made from 100% natural softwood;
  • no wood bark;
  • natural pine scent;
  • absorbs much liquid;
  • eliminates malodor;
  • no chemicals and additives;
  • non-sticking, no dust;
  • eco-friendly.
25 l

Cat litter characteristics: 

  • Odor reutralization.  Wood pallets effectively reutralize the smell and fill the rouse with a pleasant coriferous aroma.
  • Easy to dispose of. 
    The filler can be easily disposed of 
    in small portions to prevent 
    sewage clogging.
  • Economic expense. 
    One package is enough to absorb 
    up to 8 liters of liquid, which makes 
    consumption very economical.
  • Powerful absorption. 
    Wood fibers work like thousands 
    of tiny sponges, instantly absorbing liquid.