Little Friends® Original

Little Friends® Original
Silica gel litter of premium quality, odorless, suitable for the most sensitive cats. The new Ultra Control formula works 24 hours a day - absorbs and keeps all unpleasant odors.
* Little Friends® instantly absorbs moisture, paws are always dry and clean.
* A mix of colored and translucent crystals creates an additional effect of purity and freshness in the tray.
* No-dust formula as much as possible.
* With little crystals of Little Friends® tray cleaning will become easier and faster. The litter is easy to dig up and easy to sift through the scoop. You will appreciate the saving of time and ease of cleaning.
* Little Friends® little crystals do not injure or prickle the tender paws of your cat.
You wont feel any discomfort if you accidentally step on them.


Packaging options
Granule size
1,0 - 4,0 mm
Litter type
silica gel
How litter works when wet
instantaneous fluid absorption
Odor elimination
Economic in use
Required layer in the litter box
no less than 3 cm 
Litter box tips
stir, remove waste
Replacement frequency/month 
1-2 times
No smell
Fine granules for delicate feet
Odor control and blocking
Aesthetic appearance of the filler

Litter Box Tips

  1. Select a proper size box in proportion to your cat's size. A container with high sides is optimal.
  2. Spread about a 3cm layer of litter in the box.
  3. Scoop out clumps and solid wastesto a garbage bag regularly for a reallyclean box.
  4. Once daily stir the crystals around – it will allow them to release moisture to the air.
  5. Completely replace the litter approximately once every month. The more cats you have, the more frequently the box should be scooped out.

Don’t flush used silica cat litter down the toilet.