Clumping litter Kotyara

Clumping litter Kotyara
3 kg.
5 kg.
Bentonite clumping cat litter Kotyara with the formula «Natural Mineral» is made exclusively from natural bentonite clay. Bentonite clay began to form deep in the earth's crust more than 34 million years ago, in the Cenozoic era. Its strongabsorption and clumping ability, control ofbacteria growth are its natural properties. The litter has no chemicals and off-quality materials. The high temperature processing and dust-reduction production technology is used to clean and disinfect granules. Strong bentonite granules «Natural Mineral» are specially selected by size - no more than 3,2mm. The litter does not hurt cats’ paws and does not stick to cats’ paws or fur. This clumping litter provides around-the-clock control to keep your house naturally clean.


Packaging options3kg, 5 kg.
Granule size0,63 – 3,2 mm.
Litter typeclumping bentonite
How litter works when wetfast-clumping
Odor eliminationhigh
Economic in usehigh

Required layer in the litter box

no less than 5 cm 
Litter box tipsscoop out clumps, add fresh litter
Replacement frequency/month not necessary
Fast liquid absorbing
Forming solid clumps
Eliminating malodors
Around-the-clock control of bacteria growth

Litter Box Tips

  1. Select a proper size box in proportion to your cat's size. A container with high sides is optimal.
  2. Spread about a 5 cm layer of litter in the box. Always keep this level of litter.
  3. Scoop out clumps and solid wastesto a garbage bag regularly for a reallyclean box.
  4. Add fresh litter up to the previous level. A lower layer will not be effective. 
  5. The litter box should be disinfected on a periodic basis. 
Attention! Do not throw away cat litter into the sewerage!