Kotyara Silica Gel

Kotyara Silica Gel
3 l.
5 l.

When you use silica gel cat litter Kotyara you solve an every-day problem with the scientific method. The technology of multi-stage processing of silicon derivatives (natural substance) is used to form silica with highly dispersed structure and 0% humidity, so that it has enhanced liquid absorption and odor elimination properties.

The white matt crystalsofsilica gel with specks of blue and pink colours are very pleasant to the eye and will keep your house clean and comfortable.

This litter has crystals 8mm in size to make your cat feel comfortable.


Packaging options
3 l, 5 l.
Granule size -
Litter type silica gel
How litter works when wet instantaneous fluid absorption
Odor elimination high
Economic in use medium
Required layer in the litter box no less than 3 cm 
Litter box tips stir, remove waste
Replacement frequency/month  1-2 times
The crystals absorb liquid and odor
The crystals can go about 50 cycles before needing replacement
Immediate result
Keeps the cat litter box free from germs and bacteria around-the-clock

Litter Box Tips

  1. Select a proper size box in proportion to your cat's size. A container with high sides is optimal.
  2. Spread about a 3cm layer of litter in the box.
  3. Scoop out clumps and solid wastesto a garbage bag regularly for a reallyclean box.
  4. Once daily stir the crystals around – it will allow them to release moisture to the air.
  5. Completely replace the litter approximately once every month. The more cats you have, the more frequently the box should be scooped out.
Don’t flush used silica cat litter down the toilet.