Silica gel cat litter SiSiCat

Silica gel cat litter SiSiCat
3,8 l.
Cat litter characteristics:

  • Quick liquid absorption and odor eliminating. Your pet’s paws will be always dry and clean. All malodors will be neutralized.
  • Economical in use. This cat litter lasts a long time as it stays granular and doesn’t dissolve in water. You will see at once that litter replacement is necessary – when the litter absorbs liquid it gradually changes color and becomes yellowish.
  • Eco-friendly. Safe if ingested.
  • Keeping the litter box clean and fresh. No-dust; no clay litter smell unpleasant for cats.
  • Safe for cat paws. The grains will not harm the delicate paws of your cat.


Packaging options
3,8 l.
Granule size -
Litter type silica gel
How litter works when wetinstantaneous fluid absorption
Odor eliminationhigh
Economic in use
Required layer in the litter box no less than 3 cm 
Litter box tips stir, remove waste
Replacement frequency/month  1-2 times