Choosing the best cat litter
Every cat owner faces the problem of choosing cat litter box filler - whether to choose wood or absorbent mineral litter, silica gel or clumping litter. Each type should meet a number of specifications: be natural and inviting to your pet, economical in use, safe, eliminating cat litter odor quickly and absorbing well, be easy to use and cheap, etc
It would take quite a lot of time to study characteristics of every litter type, to search for a litter type that would satisfy all your expectations by a hit or miss process so making your cat adjust to a new litter over and over again.
We suggest speeding up this process – just take 10 minutes to watch this video and find out which cat litter has more advantages and is sure to satisfy your pet!
Cat litter CC-Cat is the leader of the “Checked in-Person” Test
Our products caught the eye of the popular project "Checked-in-Person"*. Its host Michael Starovoytov personally tried three clumping litters, CC-Cat litter with natural blue clay was one of them.
СС-Сat turned out to be the absolute leader of several tests.

*The "Checked-in-Person" project is a television and radio project of Krasnodar city. Its motto is "We do not believe adverts and booklets - we try everything on our own skin”. If a manufacturer promises a product of high quality, then the objective of the Project is to check whether this is really so. The "Checked-in-Person" project is watched every month by 80,000 people on average.
SAFARI Cat Foods were announced the Product of the Year by the program “Test Purchase”
In April 2014 SAFARI dry cat foods made their debut in the project "Test Purchase" (Ekaterinburg).

The "Test Purchase" project is the first independent magazine and TV program of the Ural Federal District, dedicated to checking the quality of food, services and consumer goods produced locally.
SAFARI Cat Foods took part in the program “Test Purchase” in Ekaterinburg
Would you like to know what makes SAFARI cat foods so advantageous and why these foods are liked by our purring and mewing experts?
Then watch this video!
SAFARI Dog Foods took part in the program “Test Purchase” in Ekaterinburg
Watch this video to find out how the SAFARI Cat and Dog Foods were rated and reviewed by experts and pets!